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Accelerating our plastic free future

Plastics are a constant in our everyday lives.

We love the
convenience but hate that plastics don't go away. 

Paper straws are not the answer.

We need products that offer the performance of plastic without the guilt. 

BalLombok plastic pile.jpeg
Green Field

At PHA Solutions we are building a cleaner world by advancing the adoption and production of PHA to replace petroleum-based products.

Modern Beer Brewery

What are PHAs?

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are polymers produced in nature by microorganisms.

PHAs offer a cost and performance similar to traditional plastics.

Home compostable

Biodegradable in both soil and water.


Made from bio-based ingredients such as used cooking oils and sugars.


Produced by living organisms and found naturally in the environment and in the human body.


Products PHA can replace  

Cotton Threads
3D Printing Fiber




Changing the materials we use won't be easy.

We need your help in supporting PHA and the future it will bring.
A future where we don’t have to make the choice between planet and plastic.

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