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We have been working on the ocean plastic problem for the past 10 years and have concluded that while recycling is important, it will never solve our global plastic crisis.

Over a million bottles are thrown away every minute and half of what is produced using plastic is for single-use packaging.

Too many developing countries lack proper waste management and too many plastics are difficult to recycle or have such a low value that there is little incentive to collect them.

Plastic Bag in Ocean

Here are some of the facts:

400 Million

tons of plastic waste is produced every year

Less than 9%

of plastic is recycled every year

11 Million

metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year


In many developing countries, the plastic waste ends up in landfills and waste pickers (often children) are putting themselves in dangerous and unhealthy situations to make money for their families.

Using recycled content in products can be a good thing, but it still requires ethical collection and the chain of custody of materials.  

This is why new solutions other than plastic are needed and they are needed now!  

Products that perform as well as plastics at about the same price with an end-of-life that won’t harm the planet. Paper straws were invented with good intentions, but they were more expensive and failed to perform.

We believe PHA will likely be the most important polymer of our lifetime – where good intentions and quality can go hand in hand.

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